SmartWorld Connect STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2018 by Innovate UK

SmartWorld Connect, the tech start-up building Smart City App platforms, is pleased to announce that it has won Innovate Start Up of the Year at this year’s prestigious Smart IoT London event.

Richard Foggie said: “We awarded SmartWorld Connect the ‘Best Start-up’ accolade because of the way their innovative platform easily enables all stakeholders to benefit from IoT coupled with a sustainable business model. SmartWorld Connect can significantly benefit cities and communities around the world.”

‘We are delighted to have won the Innovate UK Start up of the Year Award,” said SmartWorld Connect CEO, Tony Bicknell.

“I would like to think it is because we are helping to solve real issues for cities around the world who are struggling to get long term commitment for the Smart City initiatives that lead to sustainability and using smart technology to engage the community.

“A prestigious award like this reinforces our belief that we are trying to do the right thing and that our Smart City App Stores can be a great way to help solve real city issues.’

Smart IoT London 2018 is the leading digital transformation event for business and government and part of the largest technology show staged in the UK.

The awards are organised by the Knowledge Transfer Network, part of the government’s Innovate UK programme.

The scheme helps to fund and connect businesses to develop the new products, processes and services that will meet or define the markets of the future.



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