Local App Developer Access



Creative New Apps to improve efficiency for stakeholders.

The availability of a unique set of templates for App Development will allow them to easily create new connected Apps for all types of stakeholders. This will help sustain a new business stream for the City and create revenue generating opportunities for the App Developers.


Difficulty to get wide access to customer base.

App Developers around the world have struggled to extend their customer base outside of a few innovative Cities. This is despite having unique Apps with clear connectivity and productivity benefits. A successful App used on one SmartWorld Connect App Store, can be introduced to other cities around the world, with the resulting increases in revenue share that that will bring.


Direct access to wide customer base. Local App developer access to unique App Development Templates.

SmartWorld Connect will host a set of App development templates to allow integrated App development without any specific App development skills. Best local and international Apps will be featured and promoted to stakeholders, allowing wider and quicker customer acceptance.

Smart City Benefit

Local APP Developer access to Smart City Stakeholders.

SmartWorld Connect has App Developer Community Programmes to encourage development of local business opportunities by connecting them with stakeholders to generate App Development ideas.