What We Do

SmartWorld Connect have a Digital Community Hub concept, comprising of a dedicated community App Store, populated by Apps connecting people, utilising resources better and generating footfall and revenue/cost savings for the community centre businesses and the local authority. Our template-based App development tool-kit concept means new local Apps can be created easy at no cost. The embedded payment portal generates in-App transaction micropayments for the App Developer, the local authority and the entity providing the App Platform download.

This Digital Community Hub can pave the way for major ‘Smart City’ solutions, such as Smart Parking and Smart Waste, as well as many new apps created by local developers to improve the lives of Residents, Businesses and Visitors that can be accessed through your Digital Community Hub.

The community will have its own Management View to access the information flowing from these applications. This component will help decision makers by providing suggestions for new services based on advanced and intelligent data analytics. The local authority / sponsoring organisation will also be part of the revenue share for the Apps, which will minimise any SmartWorld Connect set-up, management and hosting fees​.

Community App StorePhone

​​Citizens can access a wide range of commercial and community Apps which help connect people with shared interests, utilise resources and encourage visits to the community centres. Many different Apps, each nudging the user to engage more locally, are part of the development programme. Examples of the Apps are Click & Collect for independent stores, low cost instant local recruiting, local course provision, venue and event booking, car-pooling, volunteering, Apps for the sharing community and Apps supporting many local interest groups, such as gardening and walking. ​​

City Managers can utilise the community involvement to initiate development of major Smart City Solutions, such as Smart Parking, Smart Waste and Pollution control.

Cloud-based System​​​Digital Cloud

No IT implementation​​

We handle all the integration

All data stored on secure cloud database

Community BenefitsBusiness Partner

Encourages local App Developer Community

Helps local connections for Residents, Businesses & Visitors

Allows City Management to do more with less

Builds trust and communication between the council and its citizens

Great Business ModelCoins

Revenue share for the App Developers and the Local Authority / Sponsor

Low cost set up and hosting fees

Revenue generator for the City Businesses

Quick Set-UpProcess

Pre-populated with existing local Apps and an initial App Suite

Easy introduction of major Smart City Solutions

Local Apps added as they are developed