International Smart City Solutions



Major Long Term Business Opportunity for Solution Providers.

For Major Smart City Solutions Providers, being the first to get an application implemented in a City presents a long term business opportunity and opens up the opportunities for selling other connected solutions. SmartWorld Connect will share these opportunities with best in class solutions providers.


Difficulty to sell in solutions.

Major Smart City Solutions Providers have struggled to extend their customer base outside of a few innovative Cities with enlightened management teams with the required internal resources. This is despite clear return on investment arguments.


Business Case data and pre-prepared interfaces.

SmartWorld Connect will create a development plan for each City comprising of the best Smart City Solutions, including case studies and return on investment calculations. SmartWorld Connect sets up the master databases to accept the data flowing from these applications to link to the other connected data available to the City and handles the project management for the City.

Smart City Benefit

Easy implementation of new Smart City Solutions.

As the systems are all prepared and the business case is understood from an early stage, the Smart City Solutions can be easily implemented to an integrated plan, allowing earlier adoption of the solutions than would otherwise be the case.