Business Services

Central to the Smart City success will be how the city connects with Businesses and Staff for both personal and corporate benefit. A key focus for the App development will be to support this and make the city appeal to new businesses and encourage more interaction with existing businesses.

Understanding the provision of educational and medical support the City has to offer can provide real benefits to the Businesses and their Staff.


For Businesses that are located in the City, or are planning to move to the City there are a range of Apps that will help them as a Business and help their Staff.

Understanding the issues their Staff face as they travel to and from work.

​​Linking into security options can help protect both the Business assets and the Staff.

Linking into a network of other businesses to create group purchasing can make a difference to the company profit.

City sponsored Carpool App will be a popular and cost saving solution with benefits for the local environment.

Business Apps

  • Car Pooling.​​
  • Child Care Services.​​
  • Footfall Tracking.
  • Instant Recruiting.​​
  • Meeting Venues.
  • Local Courses.
  • Group Purchasing.
  • Office Sharing.
  • Office Services.
  • Cleaners.​​
  • Drop Off/Pick Up.​​
  • After work events.
  • Business Start-Up Support.