Visitor Services


For Visitors to the City there are many options on discovering what the City has to offer, but a central place where they can access approved Apps without being subjected to advertising and bias would be a big benefit.

Linking into a trusted network can help visitors gain a better experience of the city and encourage them to stay longer and spend more money there.


Central to the Smart City success will be how it connects Visitors to the community. A key focus for the App development will be to support this.

Having a connected and personalised view of transportation options in the City would be a real benefit to most Visitors.

Understanding the provision of medical support the City has to offer can provide real benefits to the Visitors.

Having access to a Visitor App which guides the Visitor through the city and its points of interest.

Visitor Apps

  • Local History.
  • Points of Interest.​
  • Night Life.
  • Bars & Restaurants.
  • Hotel & Other Accommodation.
  • Medical Services.
  • What’s On.
  • Pub Bands.​​
  • Walking Routes.​
  • Guides.​