City Council & BID Management



Smart City status brings in Business & Residents.
Allows Cities to do more with less.

Attracting the right type of business and residents to the City is very important in a very competitive market. ‘Smart City’ status can help this by show-casing the benefits of a connected City. The benefits also allow for a reduction in costs for the City as it becomes more efficient and sustainable.


Shortage of skills to manage IT projects.
Facing continued budget cuts.
Importance of sustainability.

Around the world Cities are facing reduced budgets at a time when they are expected to deliver more services. Resources are stretched and one regular casualty is the ability to invest in new opportunities and related IT resource that can provide long term benefits.


Social Care App Stores.

These App Stores contain Apps aimed at productivity of the Social Care system and contain elements of revenue generation as well as cost savings. The aim is to help the cities create a sustainable social care infrastructure in the face of reducing budgets and greater demand.

Community App Stores.

We provide the templates for the local community to develop their own Apps, without the need for any specialist IT skills.
The set-up of the App Store platform is low cost and will be totally self-funding within a year. 
The Community App Developers and the local authorities will benefit from revenue share of app purchases.
The business model for SmartWorld Connect allows us to host all the IT infrastructure and provide the necessary IT resource required to follow these opportunities on behalf of the City at a very low cost. The scale of SmartWorld Connect means the set-up costs are relatively low and this cost is balanced for the City by revenue share on the stakeholder App purchases.

Smart City Benefit

Making a City people want to be in.
Integrated solution with sustainability built in.

The City will be able to attract new businesses and residents and help create efficiencies and connections to make people’s lives better. The very nature of the solutions will reduce costs and help the City towards a more sustainable future.