Features & Benefits

Smart city

City Council & BID Management​

Implementation of your own App Store containing Apps to connect people, utilise resources better and bring communities to the city centre. The App Store brings all your messages to the stakeholders into one platform containing the best available ‘Smart City’ Solutions at a minimum of cost.

SmartWorld Connect will provide the road map, business case and return on investment calculations, so the cost of sale for any chosen Smart City Solutions provider will be minimal.

City Council & BID Management Benefits

Making a sustainable City people want to be in.

Creating internal App Stores for Council teams, such as Social Care.

Revenue share of app purchases.

Stakeholders will be able to suggest new apps for local app developers to create.

SmartWorld Connect will provide the Cloud platform, the data set up and integration and all the analysis and reporting for a low cost fee.

City Council & BID Management Features

Smart City Apps and Solutions can cover Productivity of Social Care Workers, Getting the long term patients back into home care, asset tracking and care around the rough sleepers.

Other apps and solutions cover Parking, Waste, Carpooling, Footfall Generation, Community Groups, Business Services, Security, Pollution, Transport, Health and Education, all with a focus on providing sustainable services with a significant payback for the City.

SmartWorld Connect provides the low cost IT platform to manage the data.


Smart City Solutions

The SmartWorld Connect team will build a smart city road map for each city and search out and review the best global ‘Smart City’ Solutions and prepare outline business cases for the City to evaluate.

Smart City Solution Benefits

Easy implementation of new Smart City Solutions. The SmartWorld Connect Platform will be pre-prepared to accept the data feeds generated by these solutions, so IT implementation will be easy.

Smart City Solution Features

Business Case data and pre-prepared interfaces.

Tracking and reporting on the latest solutions.

App store

App Developers

Local App Developers, whether will have access to a much larger and targeted audience. Local App developers have access to the App Development Templates, to allow them to quickly develop Apps and to the unique data set created by the City to create new Apps that help to connect the city. If these Apps are successful, they will be promoted to other cities around the world.

App Developer Benefits

Local App Developers will get greater access to Smart City Stakeholders and get revenue share from commercial Apps they create. Local App developers will be able to create innovative new Apps based on the unique data they have access to.

App Developer Features

SmartWorld Connect will establish a Local App Developer community to facilitate the creation of unique Apps to improve the efficiency and connected worlds of the stakeholders.

We review and recommend Apps to be included in the City App Store.​