How We Work

Our Approach

We will work with BID Managers or Councils at no cost to create a Roadmap for the Digital Community Hub with an RoI and cost outline that is acceptable. Once this is done, we source the best available infrastructure and apps for the App Store and start populating your local Apps.

App Stores

Apps on the Digital Community Hub will have to help connect people, utilise existing resources better or help to increase spend in the city centre. The App Store will host the initial App Suite, existing approved local and international Apps and, once approved, will host the new Apps developed by the local App Developers. Stakeholders will be encouraged to suggest new apps for the local app developers to create.

App Developer Communities

Helping to develop a local App developer community is a central part of the SmartWorld Connect offering. The Apps they create easily from our templates will be reviewed and approved before being allowed onto the SmartWorld Connect platform. If the local Apps are successful, they will be invited on to the recommended App list for all the other cities working with SmartWorld Connect.

Open Data

Data generated from ‘Smart City’ Solutions will be stored on a secure master database. This data will be combined with other relevant data sets from the City, other Public and Commercial databases. The links between each data set will be established and resulting analysis will be provided to the City, with controlled access to this data by approved local App developers.

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