Meet The Team



Chief Executive Officer

Having worked at director level in digital transformation and analytics in the Electronics industry and the Media industry, Tony brings a wealth of experience in leveraging digitisation to improve collaboration and achieve a true Smart City.

+44 7718 625 805



Product Manager

A Mechanical Engineer with an MSc in Management and a background
in gaming gives Jorge the skills to project manage the technical aspects
of the smart city infrastructure and App development.



Account Director

An entrepreneurial professional with extensive experience developing and delivering digital strategies and technical solutions to complex, multi-stakeholder organisations in the UK and internationally.



Public Sector Advisor

Ben is a neurosurgeon in training with a strong academic interest in clinical neuroscience. Ben has studied and worked in the NHS since 2007 and has extensive experience in the social and clinical challenges facing the health service all the way from admission to discharge from hospital.


App Store Director

Responsible for commissioning and producing a range of commercially funded news, media and sports apps for UK and international audiences. Experience in leading teams of multi-skilled journalists, designers and developers to produce innovative content for news websites. He will be the lead curator for the App store and will manage the activities that will generate the publicity for the results.


Procurement Director

Anthony has 20 years’ experience in the communications & telecoms infrastructure industry. He provides the access to the smart city infrastructure technology, project management and systems integration skills, along with demonstrated expertise in leading the roadmap for development of complex technical products based on customer requirements.