Resident Services

Central to the Smart City success will be how it connects Residents for community benefits. This will include Apps that help support other Residents who are not connected themselves. A key focus for the App development will be empowering friends, neighbours and family to support the unconnected.​

Incident Alert Apps can help protect both the Resident and their property and create a feedback loop for pot holes, street light issues, noise pollution, graffiti and fly-tipping.

Carpooling and taxi sharing for the Residents can make a difference to their household budget and local traffic congestion.


Organised Sharing Apps for tools, other products and services will be a popular and cost saving solution.

Having a connected and personalised view of transportation options in the City would be a real benefit to most Residents.

For Residents that are located in the City, or are planning to move to the City there are a range of Apps that will help them experience the connected world that a Smart City can provide.

Understanding the provision of educational and medical support the City has to offer can provide real benefits to the Residents.

The ability to be able to book a parking space in the city will allow increased use of the city centre facilities and have an impact on congestion and pollution.

Resident Apps

  • Volunteering.
  • Walking Groups.
  • Cycling Groups.
  • Gardening Groups
  • Rubbish Collection Alert.
  • Tool Sharing Groups.
  • Crime Reporting.
  • Flood, Gullies & Drains Warning.
  • Childcare Services.
  • Street Lights.​
  • Pot Holes & Roads Reporting.
  • School Uniform, Bus, Books & Tutors.
  • Local Planning Alert.
  • Reading Groups