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SmartWorld Connect Apps

SmartWorld Connect Apps can cover community engagement, footfall for local businesses, security, parking, waste, transport, health, and education, all with a focus on providing sustainable services with a significant payback for the City. It can also be the communication tool for government services such as planning alerts and emergency service information.The choice of these Apps will be decided upon by the City Management based on the presentation of business cases generated from existing implementations of these solutions in other cities.The City will get Implementation of the best available ‘Smart City’ Solutions with a minimum of cost by the SmartWorld Connect IT team.

Picture4SmartWorld Connect will review and recommend Apps to be included in the City App Store.

The resulting analysis of the data from these Apps can be used to help the City become more efficient and create new connections to improve the lives of their stakeholders.

SmartWorld Connect will provide a dedicated City App store, with Apps targeted at Businesses, Residents and Visitors.

​​SmartWorld Connect will host the databases and IT infrastructure that will receive the data feeds and report on these solutions.

SmartWorld Connect will establish an App Developer community to facilitate the creation of unique Apps to improve the efficiency and connected worlds of the stakeholders.




Community App Store

We can convert all your relevant existing content from your website to create suitable Apps as well as creating a range of Apps to help connect people, utilise existing resources better and increase spend in the City Centre. Examples of Apps included are Event Finder, Incident Reporting, Smart Waste, Planning Alerts, Smart Parking and Rubbish Collection Alert. 

Social Care App Store

SmartWorld Connect can create an App Store for your internal use only, containing Apps that will help the productivity of your staff. These can be existing Apps or Apps that we develop for you. Examples of ones we are working on at the moment are:
-Social Care Worker Productivity App which helps match availability and skill sets with User requirements, as well as generating the optimized routing for their daily schedule.
-Hospital to Home App to match available care workers and suitable accommodation with long term hospital bed users.
-Asset Tracking App for adult social care assets which maps available assets with requirements of users and supports the recycling and reuse of those assets.
-Homeless App which helps to build the profile of the rough sleepers so that they can interact more easily with the social care system.