About Us

Digital Community Hub

Communities around the world are suffering from the impacts of increased urbanisation, poor utilisation of existing resources, the declining role of retail in the High Street and stretched community budgets, all exacerbated by the aging population. We believe community empowerment is the way to solve these issues and the development of a dedicated Community Apps Platform, linked to IoT, that can be scalable to a worldwide audience is the project that will enable this.


Increasing Efficiency

Sustainability is the key to becoming a smart city. Increasingly Cities have to become more efficient by doing more using less resources. The Apps on our App Store will be curated according to how well they help connect people, utilise resources better and drive spend in the city centres.


Community Apps Platform

The Community Apps Platform focuses on making discoverable really local Apps which help connect people with shared interests, utilise resources and encourage visits to the community centres. Many different Apps, each nudging the user to engage more locally, are part of the development programme. Examples of the Apps are Click & Collect for independent stores, low cost instant local recruiting, local course provision, venue and event booking, car-pooling, volunteering, Apps for the sharing community and Apps supporting many local interest groups, such as gardening and walking.



Helping make your City become a place where people want to live, work and visit. Our Apps will help to grow social engagement, utilise city resources better and increase city centre revenues. There is no doubt that a connected City with smart benefits can attract new Residents, Businesses and Visitors and become more sustainable.

Providing the Platform

SmartWorld Connect acts to link these stakeholders and provide the platform for them to communicate, utilise resources efficiently and present relevant marketing opportunities.