Gloucester embraces new App technology from SmartWorld Connect

Gloucester has partnered with leading Mobile App developer SmartWorld Connect to open a wealth of opportunities to improve life in the city for residents, local businesses and visitors. 

App users will be able to book and get directions to available town centre parking spaces, click and collect goods from local stores, join community events, discover volunteering opportunities and to share interests and hobbies with like-minded groups and individuals. It will also be possible, through the Gloucester Digital Community Hub, for people to create their own Apps to set up a community group or help solve a local issue or problem. 

Jason Smith, chief executive of Marketing Gloucester, said: “We have a proud tradition of using brand new technology to improve the economic and social well-being of Gloucester, and the Digital Community Hub from SmartWorld Connect is the latest in the line.

“Following on from winning the 2018 award Best Digital High Street project at the Association of Town and City Managers, we are proud to be the first city to partner with SmartWorld Connect to develop the Digital Community Hub.”

Central to this initiative is the role of local citizens to specify and design new community and business Apps to benefit residents, businesses, tourists and local government agencies and to help connect people with each other around shared interests and to connect people with local resources.

“Marketing Gloucester appreciate the advantages of new technology and have given us the opportunity to do a lot more for the community and to improve the connections between citizens, local businesses and the council services,” Tony Bicknell of SmartWorld Connect commented.

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